Kyoto has been a place where I accociate stunningness with. While I was in Kyoto, I walked around and 3D-scanned objects or particular places I was attracted by in Kyoto and mould them into one scene.

This is a scene I composed with LiDAR-scanned objects in Kyoto. Scroll down to explore through.

Crossing this teeny-tiny briged built across a little creek by Kamo river was somewhat a memorable moment of my time in Kyoto.

While walking through a historic district in Kyoto, I came across this lodge with a gorgeous garden. I had to stop by and take a closer look. I was impressed by those nicely trimmed bushes and bonsai works at the gardedn.

Street grocery markets were everywhere in Kyoto. They might've found me suspicious while scanning their boothes. I was asked by some of them what I'm doing and my answer was that I am just taking videos. One of them at the booth suggested me which hastags to use on IG ;)