Adidas: Ultra Boost

Role: Creative Development, Interaction Design

Hover over the canvas on the right.
WebGL content for Adidas' Ultra Boost campaign. Implemented with the dracoloader of threejs library.

Used Tool: ThreeJS, Blender
Used Language: JS

Reimaginating the John Cage's Williams Mix

Make sure to turn on the audio. A personal piece inspired by John Cage's Williams Mix from 1952.

This project let me explore the RNBO library of Max. I deployed the instrument( 100 samples in one go ) to the web and raspberry pi separately..

There are 4 different channels, each playing samples and randomly switch to one another.

The web version has a selection of images that change at random based on what audio clip is being played. I added sliders to allow the user ro change the volume and rate of each channel.

I used follow the same structure when building the raspberry pi version except that it is fully standalone. I'm able to manipulate audio output in real-time with a midi controller communicating via OSC in python.

Used Tool: Max RNBO, Adobe Audition, Raspberry Pi, E-Ink Panel
Used Language: Python, JS

AR Library

Role: Scene Design / Creative Development / UX Design

AR Library App is an iOS application that navigates users to find books based on their needs.

Our mission was to promote the uniquely curated books that the library offers.

We built a data-base of all the books using firebase and designed the overall UX flow as well as the themes and the look of the application.

My contribution as a creative developer/ scene designer was to manage the overall look of the environment and carefully curate props to augment and design/ develop their interaction.

Used Tool: Unity AR Foundation(AR Kit), Blender, Adobe XD
Used Language: C#, Shader graph

Words in the City

Role: Technical Direction/ Creative Development / UX Design

"AR Words in the City" is an iOS app. This is a collaborative piece with Keita Kojima. 3D objects representing words tied to physical locations across Tokyo. Similar premise to Pokemon Go, the user runs into the objects at certain spots.

The most challenging part besides the GPS accuracy is to reproduce the materials with shader and reduce the size of the app.

Used Tool: Unity AR Foundation(AR Kit), Mapbox, Shader graph, XCode, Blender
Used Language:Used Language: C#, Swift

Unreal Slinky

Role: Animation Design / Modeling / Creative Development

I created a animated slinky asset using Blender and then made it controllable on Unreal.

There are a couple sets of animations tied to actions like moving and jumping.

Used Tool: Unreal Engine5, Blender

Unreal Kangaroo Rig

Role: Animation Design / Modeling / Creative Development

I rigged and animated a kangaroo asset using Blender and then made it controllable on Unreal.

Used Tool: Unreal Engine5, Blender

Unreal Water Tap

Role: Animation Design / Modeling / Creative Development

Exploring the intersection of 'physical' and 'digital'. Here, I control the water pressure running out of the water tap by twisting a potentiometer that represents a tap. I'm running micropython ran on an ESP32 to send the real-time potentioemeter values via OSC for UE5 to translate in water pressure etc.

Used Tool: Unreal Engine5, Blender, ESP32, Micropython(OSC)

Organising Events

Role: Executive Producer /Creative Director

Tokyo-base integrated event planing organization.

The mission was to connect people through interactive art. We planed, operated, and produce contents for events we hosted.
As a Executive Producer / Creative Director for this project, I prepared the contents that fit the theme, and the venue of the event.
The type of contents we provided includes AI Drawing, Live-Cooking Show featuring local cooks, Live coding visuals, and DYI photo booth with retro gadgets.

Audio Visual

Audio visual piece I created as part of a personal project. I used Max entirely for this piece.

Used Tool: Max Jitter, Blender